BABY SHOWERS - 4/4, 4/11/09

 We have been honored that so many people have been excited about the upcoming birth of our twin boys. Since everyone is so spread out, Mom talked to me and we decided that the best solution for everyone was to have two separate showers. Mom, Grandma Agnes, and Tracy co-hosted both events. We were so humbled by the turnout. The theme for both showers was "Two 'P's' in a Pod". Mom and Grandma baked cupcakes and made little peas to go on the top of them all. I was also given a (rather large) corsage featuring two baby "peas" sharing their pod.

  PaPa King helped us secure the Brethren church fellowship hall for the Hopewell shower. We had food, a couple of games, and a wonderful outpouring of gifts.

  The Virginia Beach shower was much more intimate affair (having to have it right before Easter didn't help, I'm sure.) There was still a lot of good food and a great gathering of friends. We had such a great time and are very thankful for everyone who had a part in these days. It really meant a lot to us.

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