Surprise! We trekked up to Maryland this weekend for Pop's slightly-early 80th birthday party. Uncle Al and Aunt Barb were nice enough to open their home for us.

The weather was beautiful, so while we waited for Pop, we got to spend some time in the pool. Once he got there, some people decided to stay in the pool (ahem, Mike.) Since no one wanted to keep Pop waiting, we ate right away. There were crabs and chicken (for us non-seafood types) and plenty of other good stuff. But then, that probably comes as no surprise. There were cake and cards - all the typical birthday stuff. I'm pretty sure Pop enjoyed himself, at least a little. I tried to capture as much of it as possible, though I must apologize for missing the cake. I was completely unprepared and I had my arms full of baby, so I couldn't get my camera. It's just an unreproducable, once-in-a-lifetime family moment. No big deal.

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