NAB CONVENTION 2007 - 4/15-4/19/07

The National Association of Broadcasters had their annual convention in Las Vegas and we were there to enjoy it. Since the pictures we took fall into so many different categories, I'm going to do the album page a little differently than usual.


The Convention

This thing was HUGE. I (Lori) was there to check out video production equipment and keep up to date on the newest technology. Mike was there to score a trip to Vegas (but he ended up finding lots of things to interest him.) It's hard to believe there could be so much stuff to see related to the transmission of media, but was there ever! Most of what I saw didn't translate well into pictures, so I didn't take many. You can see examples of some of the sets they had there for trying out new TV cameras. These things were all over the equipment area. There was also a really cool thing from 3M that allows you to cut a screen into any shape you want and then rear project images on them for displays. I had to take a picture of that. I also tried to show through pictures the sheer expanse of this thing. I'm not sure I could do it justice.



Our Hotel (The Sahara)

If you've never stayed in the Sahara, imagine an impressive entertainment complex attached to a Motel 6. Apparently, we stayed in the original part of the Sahara (built in the 50's). To be fair, Dad has stayed there before and says some of the newer areas are quite a bit nicer. There were a lot of original features still remaining, including, apparently the elevators


Anyway, here are some pictures (I didn't take any of the room. Believe me, it wasn't anything special. It was good for sleeping.)




I tried to take in as much of the strip as possible, but we were on foot and we spent most of our days at the convention, so I didn't get to experience as much as I would have liked. Still, I snapped away with my digital camera at everything that I DID see.  Here are some pictures of the strip and various hotels (sure, you could see these on any given Vegas postcard, but these were taken with love.)


We took a bunch of pictures inside the Venetian. For those who aren't familiar, the interior of the Venetian is set up to look like an outdoor area. That seems to be a running theme in Vegas - places that are made to make you feel like you're the opposite of where you are. There are outdoor areas that are supposed to make you feel like you're indoors and...well, places like this. You get the picture. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken around 9:30 at night.

If I opened up a store in the town of Dyslexia, this is what it would be named.

I took these at Caesars Palace. I'd never seen spiral escalators before.

This is my geeky CSI fan shot

Lilly: I had dinner at Drai's with the girls. Filet to die for.
Catherine: Drai's, huh? The girls like to spend.


Here are various shots around Vegas


Old Vegas

I can't help it, I really love the older buildings and hotels (apparently, I like looking at them, I just don't want to stay there.) I'm really drawn to the remnants of early Vegas. As each new hotel tries to be even more elaborate and indulgent than the previous (and gives the terrorists more reasons to hate us), these now seemingly simple hotels stand as silent monuments to the glory days of Vegas. There's something almost refreshing about seeing one tucked into the strip, sitting there as if to remind us that if it weren't for them, there'd be no Las Vegas the way we know it. The way these buildings are coming down, mine is probably the last generation that will actually get to look at these buildings up close. Actually, I did see some kids in strollers, but they won't remember. I probably should have put Circus Circus in this group, but I didn't, and I don't feel like fixing anything.

Dead Vegas

Apparently, when a hotel is demolished, the sign must be the very last thing to go. These serve less as monuments and more as gravestones. Still, they are pieces of history and I'm glad I got to see what I could.

El Rancho

(image from



Westward Ho

(image admittedly swiped from an eBay postcard auction)



(image from


Pictures from the Plane


So, I was all excited because on the longest leg of our trip (each way), we were designated as having a snack flight. My dad was sure this meant a little bag of pretzels. I insisted that we were going to get something good because when Continental says "snack", they aren't kidding around. He sarcastically said, "Yeah, you let me know how that works out for you." I shot back, "I'm going to take a picture of it just to prove you wrong." That is what came to pass. Behold, the Continental snack from each trip.

And miscellaneous pictures from the plane (including aerial shots of the strip)

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