Yes, I had another birthday. It seems like I just had one last year! The celebrations started on my actual birthday. I went to Hopewell and spent the morning listening to my dad preach (yes, that's how I CHOSE to spend my birthday.) After that it was dinner at Chili's followed by presents and cake at Grandma's house.

The fun continued on Tuesday. That's when I had over all my friends who weren't busy on Tuesday night, which meant I had three people come. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops. I got lots of Simpsons memorabilia and enough gift cards to eat my weight in Bruster's ice cream, so I'm not complaining. Besides, we had to make up for all the people who couldn't come, so we had enough fun for a crowd twice the size.

The next weekend had nothing to do with my birthday, but I'm lumping it anyway. We went to Kings Dominion with Robby and Deidra. We took a picture of a couple of guys who made their own seating out of game prizes. We thought that was awesome, and we were jealous because we had to wait on the curb. On Sunday, Mike G. came by to tell us good-bye before he heads off to Arizona for grad school. For now, a quick breather. I still have a couple of people who want to see me for my birthday and haven't gotten a chance yet, so it's not over. It's the summer of George! er...Lori!!!

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