When I turned 14, my best friend and I threw a party together for our birthdays since we were born 3 days apart. When I turned 25, I used my birthday as an excuse to throw a party around the same general time, but it wasn't a "birthday party". So, excluding those two things (and "cake in the break room" sort of events), this was the first real birthday party I've had since I was 9. I really needed the pick-me-up and it was a good time for everyone (at least that's what early reports indicate.)

My sweet husband hooked me up with a delicious Carvel Ice Cream Cake and a nugget tray from the always awesome Chick-fil-A. My Grandma also contributed to the food with her world-famous (or at least family famous) potato salad and Jello salad. There was also other standard party food, so no one left hungry.

We had a great turnout. Almost everyone we invited showed up. I got some great gifts. The gang went in together and got me a custom dozen of Fairytale Brownies, my favorite gourmet brownies. My sister, proving she knows me as only a sister can, gave me Talk O' Texas Okra Pickles (oh yeah!) and Dr. Katz season 1 on DVD. Grandma gave me a beach towel, which I really needed since I'm still using the Cabbage Patch Kids beach towel I got for kindergarten graduation in 1985. Seriously.

Here are some of the pictures from the party. Click on any of them and they will become bigger in the center.


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