One of the best things about the holidays is getting together with family, and we had that in spades this year.

 First on the list was North Carolina, where we spent Christmas Eve eve with Mike's dad and the family. There was food, gifts, and fun. Mike brought the Gamecube so he could play video games with Jenna if they got bored. Then Mike got tired of waiting to get bored, and they played anyway. It was our first chance to see Bryan since the wedding in August, though he was pretty exhausted when he got there from traveling all day. Jenna's boyfriend, Roger, also joined us. It was a very long, but very fun day.

Second on the list was the Christmas day tour. We started the day at home where we opened our gifts to each other and Mike played one of his new games on the Gamecube. Then it was off to Lori's grandmother's house to spend some time with the family there. Mike brought the Gamecube, which he played with Lori's second cousin, Todd. As always, there was a lot of tasty food and we got to exchange gifts with that side of the family. Lori's grandfather came over towards the end of the night, which was a special treat since we very rarely ever see him. It was definitely another long day.

A couple days later, Lori's parents had some business in Virginia Beach, so they spent a day with us. It was a quick visit, but we got a lot in, including lunch at Athens (mmmmmm....), a short trip to the beach, some seasonal decoration clearance shopping, and back to the beach to see the Holiday Lights (which was extra cool because not only did we get a free ticket from our local Chick-fil-A, but we snagged a Chick-fil-A cow that someone threw out of their car window.)

Third on the list was Northern Virginia, where we visited with Mike's mom and her side of the family. There was lots and lots of game playing. Mike brought the Gamecube so he could play with...well, he didn't care. Clearly he just really likes playing it. We got to spend time with Bryan and Jenna again. The big party was New Year's Eve. We stayed up visiting and didn't end up in bed until almost three, then it was up the next morning to head home and catch our breath.

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