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  Our due date is exactly 8 months from today! I went to the doctor this morning. I had to have five (count 'em, five) vials of blood taken for all sorts of tests. I also got my first sneak peek of baby, though there wasn't much to see at this point. You could have told me it was a tumor and I'd have believed you. At least I could see it was in the uterus where it needs to be. Right now, Baby P is measuring at 5 mm., which dates him/her at 6 weeks 2 days. Since I know that there's no way I'm that far along, I think I'm growing a gigantic baby. Actually, this early on, the doctor said that there's no reason to adjust dates or anything. I'll have to wait until half way through the pregnancy for the information they collect to be reliable enough for them to actually consider adjusting my due date (if, in fact, the date is off.) I'll probably get the results on my hcg levels tomorrow, but I have to go to a lab on Saturday to get retested as well (I guess so she can get a better idea of how I'm progressing.) Since it was too early to see the heartbeat, I have to go back in a couple weeks to get another ultrasound and then I'll be back a couple weeks later for my next monthly appointment. They scheduled all my appointments for the first 20 weeks today - it's a little intimidating, but I'll just keep taking it one day at a time. They also sent me home with so many booklets and pamphlets that I should finish them about the time my water breaks. As for the cramps, they assured me that it's the growing and pulling of my uterus and  I only need to be concerned if I see blood (which I haven't), so I feel better about that. That's what I'd been reading on the internet, but I wasn't going to feel better until I had a real medical opinion. Well, I have some reading to do...


  Well, I guess it's really, really real. I took a blood test at Patient First this morning and they confirmed it. Baby is on its way. My first trip to the obstetrician is scheduled for next week (much earlier than I expected, which is great.) Hopefully I'll have some news then, though I'm not sure what they'll tell me besides, "Yes, you're really pregnant." Rest assured, if there's news, I'll post it here.


  Oh...looks like we made it...

I took a pregnancy test this morning and it came up positive. I probably should have gone and gotten a test at the doctor's, but I've kind of been in a daze all day. I'll definitely go within the next couple of days so I can get it confirmed and schedule my first prenatal exam. Right now it all seems really unreal and I don't think I believe I'm really pregnant. Still, I don't seem to be thinking about anything else. Mike is already really excited though. Seriously, as much as I've been waiting for this,  I just can't believe it's real.



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