For just a few short weeks in June 2006, we were given the chance to love and anticipate the birth of our first child. Unfortunately, our little one was never able to make it through the fallopian tube, and on June 21st, our baby became our angel baby.

In observation of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day 2007, we posted the site we created upon learning we were expecting. It's here not only to serve as a memorial to a child whose life feels all too brief, but also as a reminder of the few happy moments we were able to have with our growing fetus. This child does not only represent a devastating loss, but also the product of a deep love between two people and our first taste of a dream to be a family. How much joy this child brought to us in its short life! It's easy to only remember the last day of its life and forget about the happiness we enjoyed in the days leading up to it. We also hope it helps some of you share in the life of a family member you didn't know was here until it was gone.

 Even more brief was the life of our second child who left us on November 5, 2006. We have even less to remind us of the time we spent together, but there is a small journal that was optimistically started in October.

You can visit that by clicking here.

We never want to forget these little lives that we created and that they were as real as any child that is lucky enough to be born. Mommy and Daddy will always love and remember you.